QP ExCELs: Sentus QP – Extended CRT Evaluation with Quadripolar Left Ventricular

IRB Protocol #: 1704018134

ClinicalTrials.gov Identifier: NCT02290028

Overview: The purpose of this study is to confirm the long-term safety of the BIOTRONIK Sentus QP lead used with the BIOTRONIK CRT-D device. These leads are legally marketed in the United States and not investigational products. The study involves collection and review of data at regular follow-up visits with your doctor.

This trial is funded by BIOTRONIK.

To be eligible, patients must:

  • Be a candidate for CRT-D
  • Be able and willing to complete all routine study visits at our site through five years of follow up
  • Accept Home Monitoring® concept

Patients cannot participate if they have:

  • A left ventricular lead already implanted or had prior attempt to place a left ventricular lead
  • A cardiac surgical procedure, such as coronary artery bypass graft or valve surgery that is planned to occur within 6 months after implant or ablation that is planned to occur within 90 days after implant
  • Another life-threatening, underlying illness separate from their cardiac disorder



Dr. George Thomas
Principle Investigator
Email: Get2007@med.cornell.edu
Phone: (212) 746-2158 

Grace Lee
Research Coordinator
Email: Grl2008@med.cornell.edu
Phone: (646) 962-8493

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