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Weill Cornell Cardiology provides a full range of cardiology procedures for research, from government- and foundation-funded studies to industry-sponsored clinical trials. We are committed to providing the highest-quality services to meet the needs of the research community and advance the research mission of Weill Cornell Medical College.

Services must be identified as being for research at the time they are ordered.  Studies must be approved by the WCMC IRB and registered with the Office of Billing Compliance before any research service is performed.

Fees are set by the Physician Organization, the Joint Clinical Trials Office, and New York Presbyterian Hospital. Auxiliary services, such as special data recording or transmission, may require additional fees. Researchers are expected to understand payment processes prior to ordering.

Procedures that require an individually specified protocol, or that differ from standard clinical practices, must be approved in advance by the director of the laboratory or office providing the service. Protocols that require extensive extra time may carry a surcharge.

To order a research echocardiogram, electrocardiogram, or nuclear test, please download the appropriate form here.

For other clinical research procedures, or for further information, please contact the Cardiology Research Administrator, Dolores Reynolds, at

Please note: Weill Cornell Cardiology does not perform cardiac MRI or CT scans. These may be ordered via the Department of Radiology.

Cardiology Services
for Researchers

Grants and Clinical Trials Central Administration:
(212) 746 4617

Electrophysiology Research:
(212) 746 4857

Interventional Cardiology Research:
(212) 746 4617

Heart Failure Research:
(212) 746 2698

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