Perkin Center for Heart Failure

The Perkin Center for Heart Failure at Weill Cornell Cardiology was established to provide the most advanced care to patients suffering from heart failure. Our specialists offer advanced, comprehensive treatments—making it possible to slow, and even stop, the disease’s progression.

Services Offered at The Perkin Center

Inpatient treatment: We offer the most advanced care for heart failure. In some cases, this includes invasive monitoring procedures to establish the diagnosis and achieve the most effective treatment for heart failure management.

For patients who are critically ill, we offer:

  • Evaluation for mechanical circulatory support and/or transplant
  • Inpatient consultation for complicated heart failure, perioperative management, high-risk conventional cardiac surgery, and cardiac obstetrical care
  • ECMO support
  • End-of-life management and palliative care for patients with unresponsive symptoms and limited life expectancy

Ventricular device therapy: Some patients need assistance for their heart to pump adequate blood. This can occur because of advanced heart failure or, occasionally, after a heart attack or open-heart surgery.

Our Center provides expert care in implanting and managing a ventricular assist device (often called “VAD”).

Cardiopulmonary exercise testing: We offer a test to identify patients most at risk for advanced heart failure, those who would benefit from resynchronization therapy, and to determine whether the cause of a patient's difficulty breathing is heart-based or lung-based.

Outpatient management: We offer a variety of services to help our patients improve their quality of life. These services include intensive nutritional/dietary counseling, as well as weekly telephone calls with a nurse practitioner trained in heart failure management.

Clinical trials: Our patients have the opportunity to participate in the many clinical trials at Weill Cornell Medicine, as well as ongoing original research.

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