Medtronic Product Surveillance Registry

IRB Protocol #: 1207012716

Overview: The purpose of this registry is to collect information over time regarding the long term performance and use of Medtronic’s market-released products. This means that you have or will have a commercially available product that is approved for use by the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA).  It is required by the FDA to monitor how Medtronic’s medical devices are working.

This trial is funded by Medtronic.

To be eligible, patients must: 

  • Be greater than 18
  • Have been implanted with a Medtronic device

Patients cannot participate if they have:

  • Have not been implanted with a Medtronic device




Dr. Steven Markowitz
Principle Investigator
Phone: (212) 746-2158


Rosa Chu
Research Coordinator
Phone: (212) 746-4857

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