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Cardiac team save man's life with ECMO machine

Our Team at the Perelman Heart Center save man’s life with an ECMO Machine

Our physicians were featured in an Eyewitness News Medical Marvels story this past summer which highlighted how the team brought a cardiac patient from the brink of death using a new technology known as an ECMO machine.  Watch the full story here.

Starr-4 Practice Renovations

Dear Patients,

Our Starr-4 practice located at 520 East 70th Street, 4th floor will be undergoing renovations for approximately 3 months beginning July 6, 2015.  All of our Starr-4 physicians will be seeing patients at alternative locations during this time.  It is very important that you call your physician’s office to confirm your correct appointment location.


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Heart to Heart: Discovery of a Novel Genetic Mutation Linked to Life-threatening Arrhythmias in Structurally Normal Hearts

There are arrhythmias, and then there are arrhythmias.  Dr. Jim W. Cheung is currently at the forefront of studying a serious arrhythmia known as short-coupled torsade de pointes or PMVT (polymorphic ventricular tachycardia), which can lead to sudden death.  Torsade de pointes is a French term that describes the characteristic appearance of the rapid rhythm as seen on EKG.   Most people who have life-threatening cardiac arrhythmias often have some type of structural heart disease. However,...

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