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Study Status: 
Study Description: 


Study Name: BioCardia

Study Objective: To evaluate safety/efficacy of CardiAMP cell therapy system in patients with post MI HF.

Key Inclusion Criteria:

  • Previous MI (> 6 months)  
  • EF ≥ 20% and ≤ 40% by echo
  • On stable evidence-based medical and device therapy for HF or post-infarction left ventricular dysfunction

Key Exclusion Criteria:

  • GFR < 30
  • Have a mechanical aortic valve or heart  constrictive device
  • AS or AI > 2+
  • CHB or QTc interval >550 ms                          
Principal Investigator: 
Maria Karas, MD

PI: Maria Karas, MD (646) 962 5555

RC:  Katelyn Bastert,  (212) 746 2698

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